Sale of souvenirs in Chichen Itza

Salvador Anton Clavé

© S. Anton Clavé.

Mexico Travel Advisors appears on the Internet as “More than a travel agency, your travel counselor!”. Every day of the year, it offers to tourists staying in Cancun sightseeing tours to Chichen Itza for $ 50 reduced to $ 40 for early booking.
The tour includes the entrance fee to the Suytun Cenote1, the visit of Valladolid, a buffet lunch at the restaurant El Balam, a guided tour of the Mayan ruins and a courtesy stop in a craft store.
The price doesn’t include drinks and additional food, tips for guides and tax for the use of video cameras inside the ruins and, of course, the purchase of souvenirs.

© S. Anton Clavé.

At Chichen Itza, the phenomenon occuring at the equinoxes on the temple of Kukulkan2 strikes the minds of the visitors gathered at the site.
However, every day of the year, people who visits the largest city built by the Maya civilization, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, since 1988, can be moved, amazed or stunned by the 55.5 m wide and 24 m height of the pyramid temple, the majesty of the Observatory, the temple of the Warriors, the Sacred Cenote, Las Monjas (“The Nuns” or “The Nunnery”) and the Great Ball Court, the main constructions of the Maya capital; but also by the quiet presence, along its avenues, of this civilization’s descendants of which they contemplate the ruins.
They offer to tourists and visitors the opportunity to complete their scheduled shopping in the craft store or to expand the visit by showing and selling them souvenirs (some of them carved on site).
By being there, they promote the socialization of more than one million people who visit the site.

1 Natural pit in the limestone that exposes groundwater. In Maya, cenotes were places of worship seen as a mean of communication with the gods.
a play of light and shadow evokes the rippling body of a serpent going downstairs at the north staircase of the pyramid, the effect is viewable at the equinoxes.


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Salvador Anton Clavé
Profesor, University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona)


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