LAST ISSUE : 2015 - 2 (8) Varia

2015 - 2 (8) : Varia


Colonial tourism and prostitution: the visit to Bousbir in Casablanca (1924-1955)
Jean-Francois Staszak
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Related Strategies to Promote Gastronomy in Geographically Disadvantaged Areas A comparative analysis of Catalonia and Scotland
Maria del Pilar Leal Londono
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‘Appelsinpiken’ and experiential tourism. Andalusia, ‘geography with a thrill’
Maria del Carmen Puche Ruiz
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Memoryscapes of the Great War (1914-1918): A paradigm shift in tourism research on war heritage
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke - Wanda George
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News in brief

Megadiversity along the equator route in Ecuador – stepping stone or impediment for a sustainable development of tourism?
Karl-Heinz Diertl - Adriana Tutillo Vallejo
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From wasteland to a Hilton hotel: the trajectory of a block in Reykjavík after the economic crisis (2008-2015)
Anne-Cecile Mermet
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